Meeting with Families

The optimal time to start working on university applications is at least a year ahead of time, however we are also available at any stage of the application process and on short notice. The benefits of working ahead of time are numerous. There is more time to explore academic options, and students also have the time to develop their personal profile and extracurricular activities if needed. Developing a strategy and timeline with each family ensures that the student and his or her application is perfectly prepared. Examples of our short-, medium- and long-term planning can be found below.

24-month plan

In order to ensure that both the student and the application are perfectly prepared, we ideally follow a 24-month plan whenever possible. By starting the planning process two years ahead of the enrollment date, students have the opportunity to earn work experience and develop their extracurricular portfolio in order to maximize their chances of admission to competitive programs.

24 - 12 months before applying

The earlier we start working together, the more beneficial we can be to your admissions journey. In the initial meeting, we discuss with students and families the entire admissions process and the range of services that we offer. In subsequent meetings, we determine the student’s interests, goals, desired destinations, and the most appropriate education system for their profile. We also evaluate the student’s academic and personal profile and offer recommendations on how to strengthen it, for example through language courses, volunteering, or summer schools.

12 - 6 months before applying

In the 12-6 month period, we research degree courses based on the student’s previously established profile and discuss university options. Once a short list is established, an extended meeting between the family and our team is held in order to make the final university selection.

In parallel to this process we work with the student to create the structure and foundation of their personal statement and CV, and help them become familiar with the online application portals.

Finally, we identify which exams are required and advise students on how to book their test dates, and we identify any supplemental documents that may be required such as a portfolio, writing sample, or admissions video.

6 months before applying

About six months before submitting the application,  we finalize the content of the personal statement and CV. Students will also take their IELTS or TOEFL tests during this time, as well as any other exams that may be required.

This is also the time for students to ask their teachers for letters of recommendation to submit alongside their applications. We assist in editing these whenever possible and then finalize and submit the applications together with each student. We also liaise with universities to organize tours of universities and put families in touch with faculty or current students if needed.


After all the applications have been submitted, we follow up with universities to ensure that all documents were successfully received. We monitor the progress of each university’s decision-making process, and are in touch with the universities for any post-admission inquiries.

Once students receive their offers of admission from different universities, we meet with the family to counsel them on the best available choice and then help them finalize the selection.

Short-term solutions

In some cases, students and their families contact us only shortly before the application deadlines, often because they only recently made the choice of studying abroad.

We are happy to assist by offering them an accelerated process that compresses the counseling and application stages from a few months to a few weeks, in extreme cases even to a few days. While this is a viable option it greatly increases the pressure on the student, oftentimes during a critical exam period for their high school degree.

We therefore recommend that you contact us at your earliest convenience in order for us to explore your university options together.