How we work

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We work with families to find the best individual solution for each student, and we pride ourselves on our personalized approach. We generally start working with families in 11th grade to ensure that the student is perfectly prepared for college admission. However, we are also available to help you on short notice to make the right college and admissions choices. Our team at Global Education Experience is specialized in international education and, through training, experience and conferences, has established a large network of contacts across the scholastic and university community. Our expertise lies in our in deep knowledge of the admissions process and the inner workings of admissions offices.

With language being a key barrier in college admissions, all members of the team of Global Education Experience are experts in interpreting and communicating with admissions offices. Being native English speakers, our expertise in understanding the requests of universities and guiding students through their instructions for better understanding brings an added value to the process. The preparation and application process follows a model that is specific to each country's educational system, but we can adjust our services to suit your needs and timeline. To have a more detailed discussion about your path to an international university education, please get in touch with us.

Building the student's profile

The first step in a successful university application is to ensure that the student takes all of the right steps in the years preceding their university application. Developing the student’s academic and personal profile is crucial for applications to highly competitive institutions and we actively monitor and mentor our students during their final two years of high school.

Building a student’s profile is not about trying to fit the greatest amount of activities into their CV. Rather, it is about determining their needs and helping them highlight their strengths and improving on their weaknesses. We meet with the student regularly to discuss their development, do time management exercises together, and help them optimize their daily life around academics, extracurricular activities and personal experiences. We also recommend activities that would complement their schedule and connect them with tutors that help them build their language skills and academic excellence.

Finding the right place

Finding options for a student is not about finding the best university; it’s about finding the right university. While many of our students go to top-ranked institutions abroad, our mission is to find the perfect university for each student. To do so, we meet personally with the student and prepare an in-depth evaluation of their academic profile and performance. Whether they are looking for a small institution with a close-knit community or a big urban university, a liberal arts program or an engineering school, making the right university choice depends on each individual student and their family.

Making an informed choice

After defining the characteristics of each student’s dream university and course, we set out to find it. With fifteen years of experience in university admissions and many professional contacts locally and abroad, we have the network and the knowledge to find the right options.

Once we have determined a list of suitable universities, we meet with the student and their family to discuss our recommendations. During these discussions, we talk about the benefits of each university and narrow down the selection to a manageable number of institutions. These institutions will represent a mix that corresponds to the student’s criteria but also to their academic profile.

Some of the universities will have entrance requirements at the upper-end of the student’s academic achievements, while others will correspond more directly to his or her profile. By doing this, we ensure that students are well prepared with some universities that cater to their predicted grades, and others that will suit in the event that the student achieves higher or lower scores than predicted.

Preparing the student

Once the student has chosen their destination, we begin preparing their application. An important part of this preparation is the familiarization with and preparation for any required entrance exams. These entrance exams include English tests such as the TOEFL or IELTS, as well as aptitude tests like the SAT or ACT for American universities. Depending on the area of study, there are also sometimes additional tests like the GMAT, GRE, STEP, or university supplement exams. We help each student determine all of the required tests based on their university choices, connect them with suitable tutors, and get them signed up for tests at centers in their geographical area.

Crafting the application

Applying to university is more than submitting an application; it is crafting a strong profile, a cohesive narrative, and an argument that proves that the student is the perfect match for the university. We meet with the student and their family to complete the American Common App, the UK UCAS application, or direct applications to individual universities. We guide them in crafting the perfect essay, compiling a strong curriculum vitae, and even assist their professors in developing and submitting recommendations that highlight the student’s particular academic and personal strengths. Our familiarity with and mastery of the application process for Anglophone systems is our greatest strength and the success of our students confirms it.

Finalizing your application

Once the responses from the university admissions committees are in, making the final choice is the next step in a student’s academic and personal development. It is important for students and families to make the right choice together. Sometimes, the university with the highest ranking may not be the best destination. It is crucial that the student not only finds academic rigor at their university of choice, but also an active and engaging community of peers in which they can grow as a young adult.

We assist each family in making this choice based on our experience, not only with the different educational systems but with the dozens of universities that our students are attending. Once the choice is made, we help the student confirm their attendance.

If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.