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The American system of education offers students the opportunity to follow an interactive and applied curriculum. More often than not, the conversation takes place in small and open classes rather than lecture halls. A student's involvement in their university extends well beyond the classroom and into each university’s vibrant community.

Studying at an American university

The American system of education is one of the most flexible that exists. American undergraduate programs usually take four years to complete; graduate programs take one to two years. The American system is best suited for undergraduate students who have wide interests and may want to explore different degree options, as students have more time to declare a major. All students are required to expand their intellectual horizons through a general education program, and the opportunity to complete a double major, or a major-minor combination allows students to obtain knowledge in and complement different areas of interests.

There are over 2,500 accredited universities in the United States, offering students a broad range of places and programs to chose from. Whether it is a small liberal arts college in the mountains of Colorado, an urban design school in New York City, or a sprawling campus university on the California coast, the United States has the right university for you.


Application deadline: Year-round

Degrees: BA, BSc, MA, MSc, MBA

Quick facts

An English language examination is required for entrance (TOEFL or IELTS) and the results must be available at the time of the application deadline.-
The traditional undergraduate application deadline for most universities in the United States is between January 1st and January 15th. -
You are required to submit a minimum of two, and sometimes three letters of recommendations from your teachers.-
Transcripts for the United States need to be translated into English, and sometimes will require a credential evaluation.-
Most prestigious universities in the United States require an entrance exam: the SAT or ACT for undergraduate students and the GMAT/GRE for graduate students. To be successful in these examinations, you must prepare for them at least 6 months in advance.-
In many cases, you will be required to write an application essay for each university you apply to.-