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The United Kingdom is host to some of the world's finest universities. Whether they study in London, the English countryside, or the Scottish north, students that choose the United Kingdom as their destination receive an excellent education at historical and renowned universities.

Studying in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a long-standing tradition of exceptional higher education, not only in the well-known British institutions such as the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge, but at the hundreds of other universities across the cities and hillsides of England, Scotland, and Wales.

Students and their families choose the United Kingdom because of its traditional Anglophone system and the geographical proximity to Europe. Its universities offer respected and internationally recognised degrees across a broad range of subjects, and the tuition costs are often lower than at comparable institutions in the United States. The UK is the destination for over 100 000 international students every year, and you can be one of them.


Application deadline:

Year-round (January 15th for undergraduates)

Degrees: BA, BSc, MA, MSc, MBA

Quick facts

The traditional undergraduate application deadline for most universities in the United Kingdom is January 15th.-
An English language examination is required for entrance and the results of these examinations can be submitted until August of the year of application. Important: most universities in the UK no longer accept the TOEFL.-
The deadline for medical schools, veterinary schools as well as Oxford and Cambridge is earlier than the regular deadline. Applications for September entry must be submitted by October 15th of the previous year.-
You will be required to write an essay for the UK, which is called a personal statement. This essay is the same for all universities you apply to.-
If you have not completed your studies, the university will give you a conditional offer that you have to fulfill before being fully admitted to the university.-
A second undergraduate UCAS deadline is available for June 30th, however places are usually limited.-